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Innovative Value Billing

I offer flat fee, non-hourly billing. My goal is to become your long-term legal counselor. I mostly offer flat fees. By doing away with hourly billing, clients are free to call with me with questions and feel free to get their legal work done without the “meter running.” When it’s more convenient to charge by the hour for longer term engagements, my hourly fee is just $350 an hour. I have low office overhead and I am able to do the same work of other law firms for half the price.

Personalized Legal Counseling and Advice

I offer the benefits of specialized experience, usually found in larger firms, but with personal attention found in smaller firms. I take special care to understand my clients’ needs and objectives while providing personalized advice. I take the time to counsel my clients on available options, the pros and cons of each option, the likelihood of success, and the ramifications of decisions for which they may not be aware. In short, I take the time to know my clients and provide them with my very best legal counseling and advice.

Attorney at Law
Tony Bayard de Volo

Tony Bayard de Volo has over twenty years of legal experience. After graduating with high honors at University of California at Berkeley, he attended Boston University School of Law, graduating in the top ten percent of his class with an emphasis on tax law. Mr. Bayard de Volo worked at large law firms in Chicago and Newport Beach California before opening his own practice in 2003.

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