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Real Estate Law

Attorney Bayard de Volo has gained real estate expertise as a lawyer and as a practicing real estate broker, with active agents under his brokerage company called Legal Realty. He also has considerable tax experience in real estate from working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a tax lawyer.

The Real Estate law practice involves:

  1. Commercial and Residential Real Estate Purchase Agreements and Contracts
  1. Leases – residential and commercial
  1. Quiet Title Actions
  1. Easements
  1. Nuisance
  1. Promissory Notes and Financing Documents
  1. Property Valuations and Broker Price Opinions
  1. Building Permit Assistance

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Already found the buyer yourself?

If so, then I will represent you both and provide all the same standard C.A.R. forms and disclosures.

Services includes

  • All C.A.R. Purchase Agreements forms
  • All Disclosures – Statutory and Local County
  • Facilitate Inspections
  • Facilitate Escrow Services (if using an escrow company to obtain title insurance)
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