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Flat Fee Forms

At Volo Law our goal is to prepare your document custom made for you but at the same low price as prepaid legal form companies.

Our documents are of the very highest caliber.

  1. Don’t overpay for common legal documents that are relatively simple for a lawyer to prepare.
  2. Don’t use a pre-made from companies that make you to fill in the blanks.
  3. Do use Volo Law so that if you ever have a question in the future you can call us for a quick consolation at no charge!

Business and Transactional Law

We represent corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, trusts, and sole proprietorships in all areas of business and transaction law.

Entity Formations and General Corporate Representation

We help clients chose a form of business entity suitable for a client’s business, review the tax implications of each entity choice, review capitalization choices and shareholder issues, and generally counsel clients on starting a business from incorporation to obtaining a business license. We provide comprehensive legal support for stock issuances, ESOPs, preferred stock, annual minutes and corporate resolutions, and maintenance of the business entity.


We prepare well thought-out business contracts of ever kind, including professional service agreements, general contractor agreements, indemnification agreements, buy-sell agreements, options, settlement and work-out agreements, business asset purchase and sales agreements, leases, warehouse and shipping Documents, and many more.

Company Acquisitions, Mergers and Reorganizations

Having represented many start-up companies that grew rapidly in the dot-com days, and having represented many public companies as a former attorney at a national law firm, attorney Bayard de Volo has extensive experienced in all aspects of company acquisitions, sales, mergers and other reorganizations, for both large and small firms.

Common Document Fees

“Volo Law made it simple and had everything that I needed at an affordable price.”

Company Formations


LLC Formation


Loan Docs

Promissory Notes

Deeds of Trust (to secure a private loan)

Marital Agreements

Interspousal Deed

Community Property Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement/ Marital Agreement









Note: all documents are for typical simple scenarios.  Complicated documents may require more time and cost.  All fees must be approved by you in advance.  Fees do not include third party fees governmental filing fees.

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